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Funding for International Recruitment

  • What?

    Support for SMEs to acquire employee relocation services.

    • Relocation services related to entry into the country
    • Housing arrangements
    • Support for the partner of the recruited person

    For whom?

    • For SMEs in Finland (Central Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia are among the pilot areas).
    • An employee recruited from abroad is coming to work for the company for at least a year, and a work permit has been obtained.
    • The company has not received public financial support for relocation services in the past.


    • The service will start in early 2022 and be available until spring 2023.

    Who will pay for it?

    • The Kokka project will pay 80% of the service, up to a maximum of €5,000.

    Who will organise it?

    • The Kokka kohti Suomea project (ESF) will fund the service
    • The service provider is Finland Relocation Services

    You can find more information on the funding website

  • You can use Talent Explorer funding to hire an expert to work in Finland to help your business internationalize. This person must have international expertise and/or knowledge of your target market. The funding is a grant that your company does not need to repay later.

    For whom?

    • SME’s

    How much?

    • Maximum up to 20 000 €, 50 percent of the expert’s employment costs (6 – 12 kk)

    On what conditions?

    • The work must contain progressing the international business (e.g. market research)
    • The employee can be also a (international) student at the end of his/her studies
    • The employee is working from Finland, not from abroad

    Talent Explorer Funding (Business Finland)