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Will you find someone who fits your needs from the international talents already living here or are you interested in recruiting from abroad? When looking for suitable employees, you should take advantage of the services of the educational institutions and other actors in the region.

International students

Over 800 international degree students study at Centria University of Applied Sciences annually. They have a lot of potential to tap into even before they graduate.

The students can complete the internships included in their degree flexibly around the year and part-time.

Centrian Talent hub

Centrian Talent hub connects international students and economic life on the region.

By committing international students to the region’s business life during their studies, we improve our prospects of holding on to these future professionals after they graduate.

Contact Centria Talent hub (, available only in Finnish)

Reach Students in the Area

You will reach the students of Centria and Kpedu through Jobi Tiitus without extra costs.

Tiitus is a common and centralizer channel for academies to announce employment and training positions.

Centria Jobi Tiitus