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My Future Job Opportunities

Career prospects on the horizon

In Kokkola and surrounding neighbourhoods, the biggest employers are the health and social services, primary sector and industrial production. The wholesale and retail trade as well as transport and construction are also major employers in Central Ostrobothnia. Education as well as research, development and innovation (RDI) employ especially people with high-level qualifications.

Strategic focus industries include chemistry, clean tech, bioeconomy, boat industry, and services.

However, the region has many small companies where the job descriptions can be diverse and you can build on your competences on a large scale. International work environments may also surprise you. Kokkola and the surrounding neighbourhoods have many export companies that handle international business on a daily basis.

What does the future of the region look like?

In the next few years, many employees are needed at least in the social work and health care, construction, and metal and hospitality sectors. Wind power projects and the lithium mine will bring hundreds of new jobs into the region in the coming years. However, the labour shortage is widespread in different industries, so all kinds of talents are more than welcome.

Your future job opportunities in the area look good. We need You!

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