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Health Care

The high quality public health care services in Kokkola make you feel safe on Kokkola region.

Finland has affordable public health services for everyone who lives permanently in the country.

What is Soite?

In the Kokkola region, public health services are provided by the Central Ostrobothnia Federation on Municipalities for Social and Health Care Services, Soite.

Central Ostrobothnia Federation on Municipalities for Social and Health Care Services logo

If you fall ill

  • If possible, use online services (Soite – e-services, info page in Finnish and Swedish, services themselves also in English)
  • First, contact your local health station. You can get advice and care instructions from your own health station if a visit is not necessary. If necessary, make an appointment with your doctor or nurse.
  • Health stations are closed in the evenings and at weekends. During these times, sudden illnesses are treated by the emergency services (‘yhteispäivystys’ in Finnish). Children under the age of 16 have their own emergency service for children (‘lasten päivystys’ in Finnish).
  • The emergency telephone number in Finland is 112. Call the emergency number in urgent emergencies when someone’s life, health, property or the environment is in danger.
  • In emergencies, you can get treatment even if you do not have a municipality of residence in Finland. You may be charged for the cost of treatment afterwards.
Soite Contact Information (, available in Finnish and Swedish)

Other health services

Employers also provide occupational health services for their employees.

You can also use private health services.


In Finland, FSHS provides health services for students in higher education. If you are a degree student at a Finnish university or higher education institution, you have the right to use student health services. First, you must pay a healthcare fee to Kela.

Learn more about the Student healthcare services (Kela)

Student healtcare services at Centria UAS (Centria)

Pregnancy and childbirth

Finland provides good health services during pregnancy and for young children.

When you find out that you are pregnant, contact your local maternity clinic or family centre.

Soite’s maternity clinics (available in Finnish and Swedish)